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Physical Appearance and Structure

S’sessu are almost identical in appearance to Sathar, the most obvious difference between them being body coloration. A Sathar’s skin is yellow or brown, but a S’sessu has a bright pink- or green-tinted skin. The S’sessu do not have the patterns of dots or stripes on their heads that the Sathar have. Otherwise, all other descriptive information on Sathar can be applied to S’sessu.


A S’sessu’s sense of hearing is equal to a Human’s. Its sense of taste is slightly better than a Human’s, but its sense of smell is somewhat less well developed. A S’sessu’s double pupils give it superior all-around vision, allowing it to see in several directions at once. A S’sessu always has a +2 Initiative Modifier because of its excellent vision.


S’sessu speak with a hissing lisp. They have quickly learned Pan-Galactic since their existence was discovered, and they can speak it normally. They can also speak the language of their own race.

Society and Customs

In general, S’sessu are extremely competitive and self-centered. Each individual does what it wants, caring little for others except for those who can help the S’sessu achieve its goals. Power and possessions are only for those S’sessu who can take and keep them. This would seem to create a society where murder and violence are rampant, but this is not the case. Indeed, at times S’sessu can be highly organized and cooperative, and violent crime is an uncommon occurrence among them.

If a S’sessu believes there is some sort of personal gain to be had in doing so, it will work cooperatively with other beings. A group of S’sessu might pool their money to build an interstellar spaceship, and another group might hire a police force to protect them from robbery or murder by others. However, S’sessu will have only one leader among them in most situations. Thus, a S’sessu company is controlled by one extremely powerful boss; the captain of a S’sessu spaceship is the absolute leader of all beings aboard that ship. S’sessu philosophies are based on getting and keeping power, not on what is right or wrong. To a S’sessu, the only actions that are “wrong” are those that keep it from reaching its goal in the best and safest manner possible.

The S’sessu are extremely aggressive business dealers. In their attempts to gain an equal footing with the other races in the Frontier Sector, they have hired adventurers to spy on, infiltrate, steal from, or suppress activities the S’sessu deem “unfriendly” in the Frontier systems closest to them. This has caused Star Law to take an active interest in certain foreign and business affairs of the S’sessu, though the race as a whole is not regarded as dangerous or hostile.


The S’sessu are essentially amoral (neither knowing nor caring about the difference between good and evil). It is a good bet that a S’sessu will always do exactly what is best for it, even to the extent of betraying others without a second thought to save itself. This “every-worm-for-itself” attitude makes the S’sessu disliked, especially by the Vrusk (who have suffered in certain business dealings from the S’sessu love for “dirty tricks”).

Nonetheless, the other races have learned to work with the S’sessu, often with great success and mutual benefit for both sides. S’sessu adventurers often work well as team members, especially if they see their chances of finding personal gain and wealth are improved through cooperative effort. Of course, a better offer might always be made by someone else, leaving the door open for possible treachery.


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